For more than 40 years, Galloway Research has been providing leading business, government, education and non-profit organizations with answers to their most critical marketing questions. Nationally recognized, our reputation is built on delivering accurate, fast and affordable research results on a nearly limitless range of products and services. Whether your information needs require a qualitative or quantitative approach, Galloway Research provides the professional skill and experience to find the answers.

Our Strengths are simply stated but critical to the research process:
* Data Accuracy
* Survey and Methodology Integrity
* Information Security
* Respondent Confidentiality

Our Capabilities Include

  • Full Service Research – Complete turnkey project execution, custom study & questionnaire design, comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Complete In-house bilingual data collection services
  • Telephone interviewing – Utilizing CfMC®, WinCati® and Survey System®; Experts in Digital voice-capture and Spanish Language Interviewing
  • Qualitative Recruiting and Full Service Focus Group Facilities – Focus Vision® & Active Group® video conferencing & video streaming
  • Central Location Facility and Kitchen – Taste tests, mock trial and jury research, music studies
  • Internet & Mail surveys – Consumer panel or client-supplied lists
  • Intercept Interviewers & On-site interviewing
  • Data Processing and tabulation – SPSS®, Win-Cross®

A Message From The President

Elisa Galloway

The marketing and opinion research profession today is far more complex and challenging than it was four decades ago when Galloway Research was in its infancy. Back then most respondents were interviewed in-person in their homes or offices. Today, new communication technologies and research venues provide a wide range of ways for clients to hear the “voice of the customer.”

Galloway Research continues to be a leader in technology, offering Galloway Research’s industry wide recognition can be attributed to the image of quality that every employee has helped to create. We are nationally recognized in the industry as the leader in employee training and quality work and we have the largest market research facility in South Texas. We have much to look forward to in the future. We look forward to another very exciting year as the most advanced market research company in the region.

– Elisa Galloway

Galloway Research Service exists to collect and process information for the advancement of knowledge. We are committed to providing the highest quality and most efficient service, to lead our industry and challenge ourselves. We build friendships to foster unity of purpose and together, in a spirit of fun, we grow to learn, to work, to laugh, and to bring smiles and love to all the lives we touch.

Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative Insights

While there are a variety of research methodologies that fall under the umbrella term “qualitative methods,” all share the similar assumption that the respondents are the experts on why they think and behave in the way that they do.

Online Market Research

Online Research

Our approach to online research includes quantitative (online surveys) and qualitative (online focus groups, Bulletin Boards) methodologies without forgoing our quality standards

The Heart of Texas

The Heart of Texas

Explore the many things to do in San Antonio, find demographic information, download a map, or check out our recruiting zip codes. Anything you need to find in San Antonio including our hotel recommendations is right here!

Join Our Opinion Panel

Join Our Opinion Panel

Your opinions our needed by the companies whose products and services you use every day. Get cash for your opinions participating in focus groups