Translation or Interpretation?

The difference – Simply put, translation deals with written communication, while interpreting is all about the spoken word.

During the conduct of focus groups, proceedings are audio or video-taped for later analysis and coding. However the proceedings are usually also viewed through a one way mirror where researchers can view the proceedings “live”.

In the case of the focus group being conducted in a foreign language, a bilingual interpreter can be provided to interpret the proceedings verbally and live to those who speak a different language.

Galloway Research provides UN quality simultaneous translators/intreperters in over thirty languages, you can be sure that information you want to communicate or exchange with speakers of other languages will be represented accurately and smoothly, and that the confidentiality of its contents will be protected.

We also can easily handle translation of all materials including screeners, topic guides, homework assignments, and handouts from English to Spanish or vice versa.