You broadcast. We Research.

San Antonio is one of America’s largest radio markets, as well as it’s most diverse. While half the population is Hispanic, 75% of these people are 2nd generation or later and use English as their main language.

Galloway Research has the recruiting experience, facility space and excellent staffing to conduct music tests of any size. Our testing facility has seating up to 100 per session with surround sound audio and mirrored viewing.

Radio station listening habits are specifically tracked within our opinion panel providing us with an excellent ability to reach a listeners of any station or genre.

Online Music Testing

Online Music Tests offer high-quality research designed to evaluate your music and simultaneously tackle a few key perceptual objectives. We have years of experience managing data from both in-house and outside web-based panels. The result is our superior ability to find the right participants for your study and keep them engaged through the last hook.

Quality Procedures
Double-screened respondents are recruited via well-respected panels, as well as our own databases.
Our respondents are compensated for their time which helps cultivate a secure and trusted relationship with our panel.

Live Quota Management ensures your respondents properly represent your universe.
When it doubt, we throw it out. Our active and passive fraud detection systems illuminate suspicious respondent behavior and help preserve the integrity of your data.

Track the test’s progress in real-time with results delivered quickly following fielding completion.

Gather actionable information while giving your respondents a break from rating music