The Galloway Family

While active as a community leader, wife, and mother of six children, Ruth Kennedy Galloway’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit created South Texas’ premier opinion and research firm.

At a time when most women did not work outside their homes, Ruth’s determination, personality, and leadership were inspirations and examples for many women who aspired to positions of leadership in business.

Through her promotional efforts, national companies focused their attention on San Antonio as a consumer test market, bringing in millions of dollars into the local economy and creating hundreds of jobs.

In 1979, J. Patrick Galloway and Elisa Galloway became owners and President and Vice President of Galloway Research Service respectively. As President of Galloway Research Service, Patrick led the company to tremendous growth.

Galloway Research Service is the premiere leader in quality and employee training in the industry. Elisa Galloway currently is on the MRA board and serves as the chair of EDUCATION WORKGROUP, overseeing all educational events; webinars, seminars & conferences. Elisa, Patrick and David Galloway are all PRC certified through the MRA.

Today, Galloway Research Service is South Texas’ oldest and largest full service marketing and opinion research firm. It operates out of a 30,000 sq ft headquarters building in Northwest San Antonio and maintains a 1000 sq ft mall-intercept branch office. The company’s headquarters location houses a state-of-the-art 83-station telephone research call center, 3 of the nation’s most comprehensively equipped focus group suites and a large central location testing facility and test kitchen. The headquarters is also home to over 120 of the nation’s best opinion and marketing research personnel.

Galloway Research Service is a DBE/SBE/WBE/HUB certified agency and has provided opinion and marketing research services to numerous business and government institutions over its 40+ year history. Today, Galloway Research Service conducts over 400 research projects of various types annually. The company provides complete research services from consulting and survey design to data collection, tabulation, analysis and reporting.