Mobile Qualitative

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In The Moment Mobile Research

Mobile Qualitative Research is growing in popularity as a go-to market research tool because it’s finally realizing the promise of providing rapid feedback while the customer is using the product.  With the proliferation of mobile devices, smart phones and text messaging, we can engage participants in ways never before possible to collect and analyze real-time data of their experiences in the moment.

Open Up New Research Ideas

  • See and hear the actual voice of the consumer: capture amazingly rich in-the moment insights via user-generated video, photos, audio and text.
  • Get immediate results and monitor progress in real time.
  • Perfect for in-home, on-the-go event or activity based research projects!
  • Timely cost-effective research at the point of consumption.
  • Send messages to and read immediate responses from participants.
  • React instantly to responses, probe for greater insights, and pivot to pursue new paths of investigation.

Mobile Research Uses