Focus Groups

Schlesinger Research

What is a Focus Group?

Focus Groups are a traditional but Powerful way to gather opinions on New or Old services and Ideas. A typical focus group discussion is made up of 8-10 respondents who are usually unfamiliar with each other. The respondents are selected by specific screening criteria to have certain characteristics that relate to the topic of the discussion. A moderator will encourage different perceptions and points of view without pressuring the participant to vote, plan or reach consensus. The group discussion is conducted several times with similar types of participants to identify trends and patterns in perceptions. Careful and systematic analysis of the discussions provide clues and insights as to how a product, service, or opportunity is perceived by the group.

Why not just do Quantitative Research?

In an academic sense, the goal of a focus group is to gain access to private, non-communicable, unconscious feelings and emotions. In a real sense, focus group research is a direct, sensitive, and interactive method of assessing opinions, accomplishing what telephone studies cannot. It approaches attitudes and priorities tangentially by allowing respondents to talk freely and to voice descriptive opinions significant to them.

The History of Focus Groups

The focus group concept is about 50 years old, and like many modern innovations, its roots date back to World War II. A group of sociologists were asked to investigate how the military’s propaganda films were being received by their audiences. They learned that, with proper prodding, people can identify the exact reason certain scenes, lines, or phrases make them think or act in a certain way. The consumer culture was next to use focus group technology, turning to academically trained market researchers to determine everything from packaging and pricing to advertising and marketing. Today, roughly 70% of all consumer research dollars are earmarked for qualitative research, and it is nearly impossible to find a Fortune 500 company that does not use focus groups to develop its corporate image and/or marketing strategy.

Why Galloway Research?

For more than 40 years we have been conducting Focus Groups across the United States. We the experence and knowledge earned over this period by successfully moderating, recruiting, hosting, and analysing thousands of focus group sessions. We are known throuought the US as being the premier source for multicultural research. We have a wonderful bilingual staff that specialize in unacculturated and acculturated hispanic recruiting, general consumer recruiting, military recruiting, and medical recruiting.