About Us

A Bit about Us

Galloway Research Service was started by Ruth K. Galloway in 1962, incorporating in the state of Texas in 1967. In 1980, Elisa and J. Patrick Galloway purchased the firm and took over the operations. During the past 30 years, much has changed in the world of research and at Galloway Research. Emerging technology, FTC Legislation , decreasing respondent cooperation rates and Privacy concerns are a few of the drivers for change. Galloway Research stays abreast of the industry by being involved in the industry. Galloway Research is a leader in developing processes and techniques that move with the times and allow us to best gather the information that our clients need to make smart business decisions.

Industry Standards and Code of Ethics

Galloway Research employs company standards that are based on industry standards as set by the leading organizations, MRA , IMRO, CMOR , CASRO and QRCA. Many also apply industry code of ethics and GRS adheres to all. In fact at the last fall conference of the MRA, Elisa Galloway, President led a workshop teaching how the MRA standards should be applied to the everyday workings in a qualitative research. This workshop included hands on applications and . Currently Elisa is involved with MRA and IMRO, the leading ONLINE Research organization, to develop international ONLINE research standards, something that continues to plague the industry.

Corporate Background and Experience

Galloway Research Service (GRS) is South Texas’ oldest and largest full service marketing and opinion research firm. It operates out of a 30,000 sq ft headquarters building in Northwest San Antonio. The company’s headquarters location houses a state-of-the-art 83-station telephone research call center, with a large central location testing facility and test kitchen. The headquarters is also home to over 100 of the nation’s best opinion and marketing research personnel.

Galloway Research Service is a DBE/SBE/WBE certified agency and has provided opinion and marketing research services to numerous business and government institutions over its 40+ year history. Today, Galloway Research Service conducts over 400 research projects of various types annually. The company provides complete research services from consulting and survey design to data collection, tabulation, analysis and reporting. Galloway Research Service is the premiere leader in quality and employee training in the industry. Elisa Galloway continues to serve on several related professional industry (Marketing Research Association and Council for Marketing and Opinion Research) Boards and committees. She was instrumental in the 2 development of the core research educational modules for interviewers used in the industry today by both the organizations.