San Antonio Info

San Antonio Information

San Antonio is the attractive and festive heart of Texas. San Antonio is now the seventh largest city in the United States and is continuing to grow very rapidly, while retaining its sense and appreciation for history and tradition. The city has always been known as a crossroads and meeting place. Close to twenty million visitors annually visit San Antonio to indulge in it’s sights and sounds of many cultures, such as Native American, Old Mexico, German, African-American, and the Deep-South and Wild West.


The early Native American settlers of San Antonio first lived along the San Antonio River, calling it “Yanaguana”, which means “clear waters”. In 1961, Spanish explorers and missionaries came to the river and named the river San Antonio after the feast day of St. Anthony. In 1718, Father Antonio Olivares established Mission San Antonio de Valero, establishing the city of San Antonio. This mission later became perhaps the most well known in history when in 1836, it became known as The Alamo. The Alamo is the site where 189 defenders held the mission grounds against more than 4000 Mexican troops for 13 days. The cry “Remember The Alamo” became the fire behind the Texan Revolution against Mexico. Following the Battle of The Alamo, Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was captured in a matter of 18 minutes in a short battle by an army recruited and led by politician Sam Houston, where Santa Anna traded Texas for his own life. Located in the center of downtown, The Alamo is a burial grounds and museum.

Paseo del Rio – An Urban Influence

Paseo del Rio is more commonly known as “The River Walk”, 20 feet below street level and stretching two and a half miles from the Municipal Auditorium and Conference Center in the north to the King William Historic District in the south. The river walk winds its way around the business district and has many personalities. Some areas of the river walk are quiet and filled with fountains and gardens, while others are filled with sidewalk cafes, nightclubs, and large hotels. A river transportation and dining service is available to tour parts of the river walk. River taxis are also available to deliver visitors to Rivercenter, a three-level glass shopping center, and to the newly expanded and renovated Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center.

Local Attractions and Fun Places There are lots of places to go and things to see and do in and around San Antonio.