Military Research

Military Recruiting

With hundreds of thousands of military and their families stationed across the US and the department of defense being the largest employer in the U.S. there is no question why military market research is needed. The smartest companies know now days that marketing towards the military is almost certainly a smart investment.

Galloway Research has been recruiting military and military families to participate in market research for over 15 years. Our exclusive military panel has thousands of members of the military and their family members all across the U.S.

We have conducted focus groups and one on one interviews in San Diego, San Antonio, Tacoma, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Norfolk, DC, Killeen, Savannah, Las Vegas, Fayetteville, and Many more. These are just a few of the bigger military markets. Through our Military Opinion panel networking resources we are able to find and recruit military in any market no matter how big or small.