Hispanic Research

Hispanics in the United States

The Hispanic market is the fastest growing segment of consumers in the United States. Conducting market research studies in this area requires more than extensive research experience. It also requires an intimate knowledge of Hispanic culture and demographics, Spanish fluency, plus recognition of the many sub-cultures by their socio-economic stratum.

In 2011, Hispanic spending power is estimated at $1.2 trillion a year according to the U.S. Census. By 2012, Hispanic spending power is expected to represent 11% of the total spending power of the US population

Nearly three in four of all Hispanics prefer to speak Spanish at home. The Spanish spoken is different between regions. It’s crucial to reach this population in a neutral Spanish that is understood by all.

Hispanics in the U.S. include people from as many as 20 different countries, including countries throughout South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Spain.

The question is not really why you should target this segment. If you want your business to be successful, the question is when and how you are going to target Hispanics.

Our Hispanic Research Capabilities

Galloway Research has extensive experience in research methodologies explicitly tailored to Hispanic marketing research. Spanish-language focus groups, Quantitaive telephone and online studies have all been adapted to best measure the tastes and attitudes of the Hispanic consumer.

Galloway Research utilizes highly trained bilingual interviewing specialists. Recruiting for qualitative research among hispanics can traditionally include offline recruitment efforts and a grassroots approach to connect with specific demographics within the hispanic community.